Friday, 17 February 2012


I have numerous notebooks and an even greater number of scraps of paper with thoughts and ideas scribbled on them. Each collection of words hastily written in case I forgot them; desperately recorded to remind me later of that moment of insight.

Some of them are barely a few words; some are a few paragraphs; some are quotes that created an explosion in my head when I read them; some were written 20 years ago; some were written more recently; some are more or less complete; most are starting points waiting to be fleshed out and developed.

Unfortunately, they induce a sense of guilty responsibility. I can't throw them out - each one was written with the hope and expectation it would prove useful - and yet, they pile up, cluttering desktops, shelves and any number of random spaces.

This, then, is my solution. I have decided to place them all online, probably one a day on average, so I can search through them if I want to.

Whether I ever will is less important than the feeling that I could, should the fancy take me.

If anything here triggers ideas for you, then good for you. Probably. Unless you have the same problem as me...

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